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Hello World!  We are excited to finally begin spreading the good word about our work with JAD – something we have been working on for over 2 years.  We created JAD because we wanted to make a real difference in the way things work.  And now we are OPEN for business.


JAD is the name of our e-money system that allows you to use your iPhone or Android as a wallet to both spend and receive money with other parties using the internet, instead of using cash or cheques.  It is not a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and the others, it is simply your money in digital form (sometimes referred to as digital currency).  So you can move money securely in seconds – either in person or at a distance.  The best part is that it is free to setup and use, and doesn’t require any other special equipment other than your smart phone.

Here are a few quick facts to get you familiar:

  • You can setup your free account in 5 minutes or less via our website or app
  • We are mobile carrier independent
  • A bank account is not required at all
  • There are no monthly fees to use JAD
  • Transactions happen securely in just seconds
  • You can both spend money and receive money – with the same ease and speed
  • JAD is not just for individuals but we provide incredible benefits for businesses as well
  • We are here to provide you a whole new financial lifestyle, full of possibilities and free of unnecessary friction.

We will be sharing much more in the upcoming days, weeks and months.  If you haven’t already, please go ahead and download the app from iTunes App Store or Google Play and setup your free account.  And be sure to follow us on Facebook (@jad.cash) and Instagram (@jad.cash) because we have big plans in store.

We are just getting started…




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