I ♥ The Very Idea Of It

By phantom I Love JAD Comments Off on I ♥ The Very Idea Of It

It all started with an idea for businesses and persons to be able to make quick and payments to each other.  Payments must be able to be made anywhere, anytime between any two persons.  The transactions had to be like cash without the security challenges of being robbed, lost or sharing personal information.  It was here JAD emerged, a solution takes you beyond cash.  No longer, do you need to be next to someone to pay them, no longer do you need a bank account or be in the same bank to transfer funds electronically to another person or business.  Pay for transactions big and small, no change required.

Cash has a new face – JAD!


This post is part of the month-long series for February entitled “I Love JAD”, which highlights 28 different things to love about our new e-money service.



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