I ♥ Being Equipment Free (Business)

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The vast majority of Point-of-Sale (POS) systems out there requires some kind of specialized hardware to function properly – from the most basic cash tills, up to an advanced setup with a card reader, bar code gun and touch screens for both the cashier and customer.  While they get the job done, the initial costs of acquisition, and the ongoing costs for operation, training, maintenance and power (and network) usage will add up very quickly.  This is why so many smaller businesses are left out – and retreat to cash.

With JAD, I can leverage the Apple or Android phone that I already have to accept payments, give refunds, check my balance and transactions, promote by business and more, while still cutting down my cash circulation.  Whats not to love about that?


This post is part of the month-long series for February entitled “I Love JAD”, which highlights 28 different things to love about our new e-money service.

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