I ♥ The Cashless Benefits (Business)

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This one is a no-brainer.  When you adopt JAD, you do more digital transactions.  When you do more digital transactions, you carry less cash.  When you carry less cash, you are safer from robbers.  When you are safer from robbers, you have greater peace of mind.  When you have peace of mind, you are happy and smile more often.  And when you smile more often, your customers spend much, much, more.

Get paid much, much more.  Adopt JAD.

But what about the other benefits of going cashless?  Like hassling with change (or not having it). Like spending way less time at the start and end of the work day balancing and counting.  Like having an organized and accurate record of transactions without lifting a finger.  Like keeping your customers happy with shorter lines and quicker transaction.

Again, this one is a no-brainer.


This post is part of the month-long series for February entitled “I Love JAD”, which highlights 28 different things to love about our new e-money service.

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