I ♥ Cash Outs

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We at JAD understand that sometimes you may have too much cash and or need to save for a rainy day.  We also know that you may have unique situations where grudgingly you need some physical cash.  Through our main office or through partnership with agents, rest easy that you can cash out or transfer funds to your savings account.  At the FND Enterprise Cooperative Credit Union you can even pay your loan right from your JAD wallet! Spend what you Need, Save the rest with JAD.

Financial Partners such as Banks, Credit Unions and Money Services Businesses provide seamless ways to fund or withdraw money from your JAD Cash Wallet.

Your Employer facilitates a convenient way to put a portion or all of your wages to your JAD Cash Wallet, removing the need for you to go the ATM.

Select partners will facilitate you withdrawing small amounts of cash in emergencies.


This post is part of the month-long series for February entitled “I Love JAD”, which highlights 28 different things to love about our new e-money service.


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